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Food and wine and grappa

Made in Italy applies to food and drink as well - Italy is synonymous with great food that can be found anywhere.

Pizza, pasta, seafood, gelato, espresso, wine, grappa - that may seem ordinary in the US - are raised to a high level of creativity and quality. Italians had never given up on the importance of farm to table and local sourcing - it's not a trend, it's their legacy.

Arcimboldo glorified Italian produce in his portraits.

A biker's shared lunch at Sale é Pepe in Borgo Valsugana, along the Ciclabile del Brenta.

Liza takes great pride in growing her own produce. Hey, maybe she'll share some carrots, if you behave.

This odd looking volcanic crater is the stuffed pizza at Al Cristo in Dolo along the route of the Burchiello.

A traditional trattoria in Asolo, one of Liza's favorite biking destinations.

The Mercato at Piazza delle Erbe in Padova offers a vast collection of local specialties.

Adjacent to the Palladio bridge in Bassano, since 1779, is the world famous Nardini grappa distlilery.

Seafood abounds in the Veneto. Do not miss your chance to have the most tender octopus ever.