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          Opera: Plan your stay with a performance of Aida, La Bohème or Nabucco at the Arena in Verona. Learn more about the language, understanding a libretto with lyrics while you transcend time in a magical atmosphere.  

          Opera Estate: The Summer Music Festival from June-September in Bassano. Performances of jazz, ballet, modern or classical music. Many outdoor venues with solo musicians or small groups playing in courtyards, castles and piazzas. Exceptional, international talent comes to study, jam and share their spirit.

          Festivals: Entertainment, good food, music and lots of fun abound at village festivals. In the summer every village celebrates its patron saint and tries to outdo the others in fireworks, prizes for their lottery, menu and overall success. It’s the best way to see the authentic folks in action with all of their pretenses and posing aside.

Music and performance arts

Concerts and intimate performances are a favorite form of evening entertainment; opportunities abound.

Exceptionally talented musicians travel great distances to enchant audiences on starlit summer nights.

The Arena in Verona dates from the Roman era. The monumental amphitheater, renowned for its acoustics, was built in the 1st century AD.

Gala festival on the lawn in Cartigliano. Elegant dining, music and entertainment.

La Fenice in Venice is one of the most beautiful and quintessential opera houses in Europe.

The Ponte Vecchio, which crosses the Brenta at Bassano, gives tribute to this UNESCO World Heritage Site with frequent live performances.