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Biking excursions

Daily itineraries customized to your ‘state of being’ - We offer a daily ‘giro’, a circuit, a ride that will bring you through the countryside and introduce you to your surroundings.

Simple/day rides: Eat, ride, rest, repeat. Get into a rhythm of healthy, invigorating activity.

     Destinations: Walled medieval towns, palatial country villas, villages and vineyards.  Layers of history and culture have created a 3-dimensional mosaic to discover bit by bit.

     Distance: Rides range from 20 - 60+ miles/30 - 100+ kilometers. Bassano to the Dolomites and beyond.

     Terrain: Flat, foothills and mountain climbs. We plan rides to accommodate diverse abilities, pace and interest.

Direction-In every direction there are a plethora of places to see, myriad of things to do, beauty at every corner and from every perspective

Challenging- Longer distances and more climbing are the rewards to cyclists who train regularly and want to test their limits. The area around Bassano is a mecca for riders, on weekend mornings the rivers of riders heading for climbs and the ‘pre-Alp’ geographic area.

Dolomites-Dolomite is the mineral deposited millions of years ago and gives the stone a rose hue with long sun rays. The colors and beauty are magnified a million times with a good dose of endorphins from being at high altitude. Riding to get there is an achievement, celebrating with an amazing view and descent all the reward you need. Well, perhaps an espresso, beer or slice of apple strudel!

Our bikes

Road bikes by Battaglin: the last generation of carbon-fiber, locally constructed road bikes. Giovanni Battaglin, former champion, has been a sponsor for the cycling industry for his entire career and his business lives on with the new generation.

Hybrid: A mix between mountain bike gearing to get up hills and a road bike with narrower tires. Male and female versions to make mounting and dismounting convenient. Perfect for the road and rough road surfaces, bike trails that aren’t paved. Not off road.

Electric bikes: Get exercise pedaling and see more. A new generation of mobility for a huge sector of the population. Whether you’re not in great shape, are new to the sport, or simply want a bit of mechanical assistance this is an option with great future potential.

Do a giro!  

Giro’- a loop around, a tour, example Giro d’Italia, Annual professional stage race that takes riders and the public through Italy’s most scenic countryside. It’s televised every May and followed worldwide. We do personalized trips to do the climbs and follow the pandemonium as amateur participants, not just spectators.

Pastries and coffee for Campagnolo fans from Australia. Caffè macchiato o cappuccino?

Liza and MTB leaser Paola having a friendly staff meeting.

Mike from Minnesota having a dream trip!

The ciclopista- bike trail has no auto traffic!

One of our hybrid bikes with a comfortable saddle and handlebars.