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When you want to TRAIN and improve your overall strength, endurance and flexibility we have the answer. Daily rides tailored to your goals that will challenge you in an unforgettable trip.

Simple/day rides: Eat, ride, rest, repeat. Get into a rhythm of healthy, invigorating activity. This is not a cycling ‘camp’, rather a retreat, that allows you to do as much or as little as you like. Unpack and strike out daily from our Stay-cation base.

Carbon fiber Battaglin road bikes, equipped with Campangolo components can be fit to your size. There is no additional cost. Traveling with your own bike is very expensive. We encourage you to take advantage of our services.

If you don't know your measurements you can get a professional fit in order to be comfortable and pedal more efficiently.  

"Our stay with Cycling-Made in Italy was the best way to get to know the area. My ancestors are from Bassano, I came here to discover the connection. Liza helped me communicate with my relatives and gain insight into my heritage. Since my stay I have retired and rent an apartment here! My blood pressure has gone down and I don't miss Chicago at all!"

Alan G. Chicago/Bassano

Group rides always pick up drafters. It's great fun to ride with locals

Honeymoon couple celebrates a climb to Cima Campo - the Dolomite panorama is a dream.

Prosecco vineyards in the Monfumo foothills have peaceful meandering roads.

Today will be a longer day: Asiago plateau and cheese country or Cima Campo with lunch at the top. Dinner will be at an agriturismo.

Sample week

Pure Cycling

Typical schedule, register any week May-September.








Arrival: bike fitting, easy ride, welcome dinner and orientation

Breakfast: morning ride  Lunch: out  Afternoon: rest or excursion to cultural destination, village sagra, concert…. Get into the rhythm

After breakfast bici-leader will be your coach and guide, customizing every ride with safety as a priority. Your pace is important.

Climbing technique and proper gearing are essential for gaining elevation.

Spin or climb, your last day will include a celebratory dinner in a specially selected venue as a memorable culmination to your stay.

Free day, we help you plan an excursion to Venice or you can do your own thing.

Head out on a vineyard tour in Prosecco country towards Valdobbiadene or Cabernet roads to the west, Bregranze area.

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Daily itineraries are created the way a great chef concocts a fabulous meal. As we get to know you, your cycling style, interests and curiosities. Itineraries have options. Our specialty is listening, understanding your inclinations and blending our experience, a touch of intuition, a pinch of passion and a good dose of serendipity in order to make each day a movable feast.

Some of the places we frequently visit are briefly described below. Getting to our your around is just part of the joy of cycling.

Giro facile: easy ride

Terrain: mostly flat


          South extends the fertile Venetian plains. No hills, flat as a piadina (tortilla-like flatbread from Emilia-Romagna).

          North you reach the 'pista ciclabile' bike path, that meanders along the Brenta river, continues to the Adige river at Trento and leads to Munich.

Distance: from as few as 10 miles (Bassano and back) to unlimited.

Pace is a factor of group dynamics or follow the route at your own pace.  

You can improve technique in group riding, drafting, hand singles and Italian warnings while you gain confidence.

Bassano del Grappa- some background

Our base is only about 6 miles/10 km upriver from this cosmopolitan walled town on the Brenta river. The pre-Alp mountains provide a spectacular backdrop for this settlement that celebrated its millennium in 1998.

Monte Grappa looms ominously above the beautiful walled medieval center. Wandering amongst narrow alleyways, up to the castle, or in the bustling piazzas, you step into another epoch. Few cars are allowed within the walled perimeter. The town’s symbolic glory is ‘Ponte degli Alpini’, a wooden covered bridge, originally designed by Andrea Palladio in 1569. The Alpini are Italy’s famed Alpine regiments which heroically defended ‘la patria’, the homeland, during WWI battles.

Grappa is also the local distilled spirit. A favorite evening aperitivo is served at Nardini, the distillery with its own bar at the entrance to the bridge.

Bassano del Grappa has been dubbed the "Mecca" for cyclists. The catholic church may boast the same devotion in its pilgrims flocking to Saint Peter's square in Rome, but here in Veneto cycling is as much a part of daily life as a caffé in the piazza or pasta con pomodoro. As the ecological trend picks up momentum, Soccer and Formula 1 racing may be nudged to second or third place, behind cycling (currently at third in popularity).

Veneto geography: 29% mountains, 14% hills, 57% flat plain. Our location is at the converging point - where plain, hills and mountains meet.

Pride and participation: La Piazza overtaken by Venetian cyclists! No roads in Venice, this is remarkable.

Ciclo-amatori: amateur riders, meet for large group excursions. On Sunday it's always fun to see club colors, equipment and eccentric 'personaggi'.

In the 30+ years I have lived and cycled I have witnessed, and been part of, growing popularity. More women, families and recreational cyclists use bikes rather than cars. White haired gentlemen have become my riding partners and still refuse to be passed on long climbs by a woman and will always allow a friendly wheel sucker to hang on their draft behind them. We all are enjoying the youthful energy and the benefits that frequent cycling have on psychic and physical health. There are anti-aging benefits associated with this lifestyle, which are palpable when talking to the locals.

Marostica: Castles and chessboard piazza

The town’s unique piazza is paved with white and rose colored marble stones that form a chessboard. Every even-numbered year a human- and horse-sized game is played. Nestled at the base of the foothills, only 12 miles/20 km from our base, this is an ideal place to stop for coffee or lunch. Many lovely options for putting in some extra cycling are available. Cherry orchards and vineyards abound. The upper castle has a great view, whether you walk or cycle up! The foothills offer many climbs through vineyards, olive orchards and rural farmland.

Turrets and guard towers are positioned along high walls on the steep embankment encircling Marostica’s village center. You can hike up a foot path or cycle up the popular road leading to San Lucca and the upper castle, il castello superiore.  

Numerous valleys and hill towns are nestled into the folds of the vast Asiago plateau. Above Marostica is a network of winding, secluded roads leading through scenic landscapes with vistas to reward the effort to get there.

An infinite number of circuits that can be done in this direction. The sun drenched slopes are shaded and cool as you gain altitude. It’s common to see professional cyclists training, especially on the famous ‘Rosina’ climb in Valonara.

La Rosina restaurant, albergo and cycling shrine are named after the matriarch who has fed local families in her trattoria for generations. Gaetano, her son, a chef for the national also owns the upper castle. Currently his son maintains tradition taking family culinary skills to new levels in gastronomic creativity. Guests include legendary riders who dine and stay in the posh residence. An eclectic collection of paraphernalia, signed jerseys and photographs adorn the reception, reminding us of how tradition and passion are central to Italian identity.

The Cyclists shrine and prayer on the pista ciclabile reads: Cyclist on this beautiful trail, stop and pray: to the Virgin Mary, who protects you on your way; to Saint Anthony, illustrious giver of inspiration (strong lungs); and to Saint Rita to overcome all the hills.

Asolo: one of Italy’s most beautiful hill towns

The ancient fortress, la rocca, towers above Asolo’s center. Known for its Roman acqueduct, illustrious residents, many villas and timeless appeal you may stumble upon an antique market held once monthly or their annual palio with runners pulling chariots. The many neighboring villages, nestled among the hills, are linked by perfect cycling routes. From Castelcucco to Monfumo, Castelli to Cornuda, it’s easy to get lost if you are without your trusty bici-leader.

Exploring this area you will find dairy farms, prosecco vineyards, and olive groves as you meander through gently sloping farm roads. We may stop for lunch at an agriturismo, agricultural tourism, where you can taste local morlacco cheese served with corn polenta; cured salami and cold cuts are served with sweet-sour, pickled vegetables. Artisanal gelato made with fresh creamy milk, sweetened with mille fiori honey and cherries is a seasonal specialty for desert!

We organize evening visits for concerts in Queen Catherine’s castle or nearby Villa Barbaro in Maser. You may dine in one of the typical venues during our frequent excursions on warm summer nights.

Giro Medio: moderate distance

Terrain: variable, rolling, short climbs, tour of foothills


     East leads us toward the Prosecco wine growing region. Fertile, cultivated farmlands wind through rural landscapes with very little traffic.

     West leads us to the Cabernet vineyards. Variety of routes with exceptional views as you gain altitude!

     North, ascend from the river valley and get your first taste of alpine riding.

Distance: 30-60 miles, depending on the amount of terrain

Pace: Cycling intensity is more sustained, everyone climbs at their own pace, re-group at the top.

You will improve your strength and endurance riding daily. As distance increases you won’t even notice how far you’ve gone, everything is so beautiful.

La Pista Ciclabile: miles of perfect bike trails + trains  

Historically this valley was a major communications route between Venice, and the latin speaking civilizations, with Germanic tribes from the north. Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient roman road is part of this itinerary. Frequent trains with bike service give access along the route. One of the highlights is stopping at one of the many Bici-grills along the way. Dedicated especially to cyclists, you can find everything you may need along the way.

The Giro d’Italia passed through Asolo! A Pink reminder of Italy’s reverence toward cyclists.

Hidden behind the cypress trees at center is Villa degli Armeni in Asolo. Part of the Contarini villa it is accessible only by a narrow entry nestled into the hill.

Castello Superiore, the elegant restaurant gracing the top of the walled enclosure surrounding the town center, dominates the countryside

Marostica’s castle towers above the chessboard piazza with the Lion of Saint Mark, a tribute to La Serenissima, the Venetian Republic.

Valrovina is one of the many villages where you can fill your water bottle or buy fresh bread from their bakery while riding in the foothills.

A view from crumbling ramparts illustrates local geography, foothills and the Venetian plain extending to the south. Walking up in cycling cleats is not advised!

Giro Grande

Terrain: Mountains; challenging climbs with variable steepness and long descents!

Directions: Warm up rides in any direction are a perfect way to get your legs ready to tackle switchbacks ‘tornante’.

          North: head up the river valley, up to the Dolomites!

          East: head toward Monte Grappa, attempt one of 10 ascents or do the complete loop ‘giro di Grappa’ or venture into Prosecco territory, challenging yet spectacular.

          West: the Asiago plateau extends to the west, an elaborate network of roads leads to the high pastures, through the foothills, to alpine habitat.  

Distance: 30-80 +miles, depending on the degree of difficulty of climbs

Pace: Cycling intensity is more sustained, everyone climbs at their own pace, re-group at the top.

Some of the rides to dream about:


The green pastures that provide grazing for cows are bordered by even deeper green alpine forests. From our base this loop up to the high plateau is one of the most scenic rides. A 25 km/16 mile gradual climb takes you from the Mediterranean architecture, palm trees and olive groves up to rugged alpine territory where the Dolomites tower above. It’s been renamed the ‘Sound of Music’ ride; the 20 km/12 mile winding along the high plateau is so beautiful. Descending down into our valley is a white-knuckle experience from Foza.

WWI memorial in Asiago is a solemn reminder that a mere 100 years ago, in 1919, over 50,000 soldiers died here.

We are at the doorstep of the Dolomites. Climbing past those ski stations that host World Cup skiing, is an exhilarating feeling.

Helen from Adelaide, Australia during a summer-long sabbatical shows off her exceptional form and how Aussies know how to have fun! A Merry-go-round in Asiago

Monte Grappa

For local cyclists, ascending this massive block of limestone is an annual challenge. There are many ways to get to the peak, at 1,775m/5,823 feet, the ʻclassicʼ variation starts near Bassano, in Romano d’Ezzelino, at an altitude of 200m/656 feet. A shrine to the Madonna gives cyclists a chance to cross themselves and ask for her Divine assistance on the ascent. The average grade of 7% is deceptive because during the arduous 27 kilometers/18 miles there are brief stretches of 10% and even 15%.

During WWI Ernest Hemingway was an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross. The volunteers ventured to the bloody trenches to retrieve wounded soldiers. You can still see craters and demarcations where trenches interrupt the otherwise bucolic pastures. At the cima, top, is an austere monument to fallen soldiers with tunnels and galleries, cannons, barbed wire and bombs. After a long ride the panoramic view extends 360*, from the Venetian lagoon to towering spires of the Dolomites in the distance.

Croce d’Aune

This grandaddy of a climb takes you through remote countryside that has remained unchanged for centuries. At the ‘cima’, top is a monument dedicated to Tullio Campagnolo. The legend goes that while racing in the snow, back in the 1950’s, he was unable to change his rear gears because of frozen fingers. Back at the drawing board he began his career as an innovator in cycling components. The climb has been included in the Giro d’Italia many times.

Dhani Jones being filmed for Dhani Tackles the Globe on the Travel Channel on a Battaglin road bike surrounded by dillitante and our olympic medal rider Cristiano Citton.

Cycling through high pastures is a solitary, Zen experience. Rare motorized vehicles are courteous to ruminating riders and cow herds.

Eco? logical! reads this jersey from the Maratona des Dolomiti, the Dolomite marathon, a gran fondo of international fame.

The top is at 1,015 m/3,300 feet, many steep sections make it an epic ride for pros and amateurs alike.

This climb is part of the local gran fondo, Sportful. Thousands of riders train in order to participate in the event’s challenging courses with multiple passes. We can enjoy the great scenery without sharing the road with teams competing. It’s a popular training ‘giro’ for locals and a destination for cyclists, you will encounter more riders than motorized vehicles.

Many rural roads lead up to the center of the 1,001 m/3,284 feet high city. We cycle from Mediterranean flora, fauna and architecture up to a distinctly Alpine populace - mountain folk fiercely proud and protective of their traditions. Seven communities make up the vast alto-piano. The allegorical carousel contrasts with WWI monuments commemorating battlefields that were Italy’s last-stand against the Austro-Hungarian empire.

A welcoming ristorante awaits you with a warm meal, apple strüdel, pannini and water, for sale. Porous limestone soaks up any standing water making it impossible to pump from wells. Be aware! Bring plenty of liquids and pocket food.

For years there was a Monte Grappa Gran Fondo, illustrating the popularity of the area at a national and international level. Currently there are many events, amateur and professional, every season. Cycling-Made in Italy arranged for the Travel Channel to film an episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe - an American football player who learns about cultures by participating in sports that epitomize the identity of a nation. For an entire week he trained here, filmed with our friends and was invited into the private lives of many. The culmination of his trip was riding the entire Gran Fondo, which he miraculously completed despite his huge stature. It was a festa to remember!