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CYCLING Made in Italy is a different concept in bicycle touring. You stay in one place and strike out daily from your home away from home to explore, get acquainted with the local culture and choose from dozens of options for your cycling experience.

CYCLING Made in Italy is owned and operated by Liza Dolza, an Italian American who has made her home in the Veneto for 30 years. She is an avid biker both for recreation and competitively. Because of her background she and her staff speak fluent English and know the northeastern part of Italy intimately.

Liza created CYCLING Made in Italy as an antidote to the constantly on the move bicycle tours. She believes that it is more rewarding to use a central location to get to know the local people and the amenities of the place.

Made in Italy refers to the age-old art of doing business with a personalized service, focusing on tradition, quality and ‘know how’ you can’t find on the internet or in guide books. Our guests seek us out because they don’t want a franchise or large tour operator organizing their holiday. Veterans come back, unpack and take a deep breath of fresh, clean air … home away from home.

CYCLING Made in Italy can provide different excursion packages - including water sports on the Brenta River! These depend on a number of factors including biking skills and knowledge of the language. These include:

     escorted bike rides, in which CMI staff rides along and leads the way

     fully developed vacation packages including cultural and dining amenities

     self-guided tours, in which CMI provides bikes, maps and a buona fortuna.

CYCLING Made in Italy is based in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy near Trentino Alto Adige, the biking capital of Italy. Guests stay in the cool Brenta River valley, one of the area’s favorite cycling destinations. The famous Ciclopista del Brenta (Brenta River bike route) joining Munich and Venice, runs directly past your front door.

Typical bikes and bike racks throughout northern Italian cities.

Lunch at bike-friendly Sale & Pepe in Borgo Valsugana is a work of art.

The Brenta River, at Valstagna, offers water sports for all levels of experience.

The carriage museum at Palladio’s Villa Barbaro can be part of your tour.

The cool river valley at Valstagna is your home away from home.

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