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Artisan workshops

Made in Italy implies a flair for the elegant pride-infused craftsmanship and traditional methods that withstand the test of time. It’s a cultural phenomenon you have to feel in order to believe.

Workshops and demonstrations with craftsmen are a living classroom. We personalize custom retreats so you can stay and benefit from a week of regenerative (restorative, interactive, wholesome..) activities.

Creative expression: We love local artists and artisans. Come, get your hands and fingers working; enjoy Made in Italy talent while you engage in workshops directed by passionate craftsmen and women.



          Gardening: from field to fork


          Sewing: textiles and tapestries


Develop a talent you have always wanted to try or improve your skills with old world masters or the new generation of artisans who are keen to keep tradition alive.

A workshop offers an experiential way of learning that combines language acquisition (your teachers may not speak fluent English) and artistic experimentation.

These fun workshops are held in working retail spaces where displays are in constant evolution or private laboratories.

Contact us for details if you are interested in registering for a single workshop or if you want to stay longer and study further.

Make your own pottery and work with artisans in their workshops during your stay-cation.

A loom and interior views at the ‘Renata Bonfanti’ textile workshop. Her tapestries and art are displayed worldwide.

Inspiring work spaces, colorful compositions and friendly artists make for creative fun!

All of your materials are supplied, you never know whom you may meet, perhaps a Prince (or Princess) Charming?